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Our LED dog vest provides complete visibility for night or low-light adventures and includes a remote control to adjust LED brightness.

Remote controlled LED Pet Flashlight. In front

Shiny Pet Flashlight


Remote controlled LED Shiny Pet Flashlight.

Shiny Pet Flashlight


Dash Hound
Shiny Pet

Cuando estés en un camping o en una zona boscosa no quieras perder de vista a tu perro

Day and Night Camping
Dog at night with out LED Harness
Shiny Pet is needed
Dogs running around at night with out a harness
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Shiny Pet


Alex Thompson

The LED dog vest is a fantastic idea, especially for those late-night walks. The remote control feature is handy, and the vest itself is durable and well-made. My only suggestion would be to add a few more size options for larger breeds. Overall, a great purchase for any dog owner concerned about visibility during low-light conditions.

Emily Rodriguez

I am absolutely thrilled with the LED dog vest! It has been a game-changer for our nightly walks. The brightness control with the remote is super convenient, allowing me to adjust it based on our surroundings. My dog, Max, not only looks stylish, but the increased visibility gives me peace of mind knowing we're both safer during our evening adventures. Highly recommended!

Brandon Foster

Impressed with the LED dog vest! The brightness levels are spot-on, and the remote control makes it easy to adjust according to different environments. It's a real attention-grabber, and we've received compliments from other dog owners in the neighborhood. The battery life is decent, but an option for a rechargeable battery would be a nice addition. Otherwise, a solid investment for the safety-conscious pet owner!

Shiny Pet
Shiny Pet
Shiny Pet
Shiny Pet
Shiny Pet


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