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Tips To Train Your Puppy

Training your dog when they are a little puppy is essential!

Train Them To Bark When You Want

You must educate your dog to bark on command if you want to have a close relationship with them. Holding dog food in your fist and putting it in front of his mouth will help you train him. When you do this, your dog will try to eat it, struggle, and act in various ways. Wait patiently, even if they make an attempt to bark, give them a treat, while giving reward use any phrase you wish, such as “speak”, "talk" or "bark". Using phrases like this is important to prevent excessive barking.

Teaching Shakehand, Sit & Stay

By holding dog food in your fist and putting it in front of the dog without saying a word, you can teach your dog to sit, remain, and shake hands commands. Continue doing this until the dog raises his hand, at which point you should say one of your commands, such as "handshake," "sit," or "stay." Repeat this several times, and your dog will pick up some fundamental obedience concepts.

"No" Command

The "No" command is crucial for dogs, and you must teach it to them when they are puppies because, if you suddenly start reprimanding them as they become older, they won't be able to understand what they are doing incorrectly. Puppies are quite adorable, and you always treat them well and with a lot of affection. You don’t show your negative behavior, although dogs can detect your facial expression. You have to be a little strict and teach them.

Teach Your Puppy Not To Bite

Puppies are aware that it's best to avoid biting too forcefully. When dogs play, they bite each other and when one dog is harmed, the other dog will stop biting if he makes a noise. Depending on the dog, you can also teach this by yelling "ow!" loudly whenever they bite you. Be careful though, since some puppies may get even more anxious and liable to bite as a result. In this situation, it is preferable to slowly turn around, leave, or put the dog inside their kennel for a few minutes to calm down.


Never call your dog by a nickname; unlike humans, dogs find it very difficult to process many names, which will cause them to become less obedient. Get a leash that is roughly 30 feet long, move 20–30 feet away from your pet, try to call them by name, and then gently pull them closer to you while holding the leash. Once your dog understands that you are calling them, keep doing it.

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