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A Must-Have Safety Gadget For Everyone

Why Is Safety Vest Important?

For the safety of workers who work at night or for your own safety if you are engaging in nighttime activities, safety vests are essential. There is a misconception that only individuals working in construction, security, or traffic enforcement are required to wear safety vests. However, in fact, anyone who engages in nighttime physical activity—such as walking, jogging, cycling, or any other activity then they must wear a safety vest to ensure that they are seen from afar.

Why Should You Choose 3Sixty LED Safety Vest?

The 3Sixty LED Vest was developed in response to the shortcomings of conventional safety vests, which include their heavy weight, which causes wearers to move more slowly and uncomfortably, and their inability to give good visibility, which is the major benefit of safety vests. Even with so many features and superb quality, it is still affordable.

Functions Of 3Sixty LED Vest

DC's LEDs provide excellent vision over long distances from both a 360-degree and aerial perspective. It contains an interchangeable PCB and battery that can be charged for nine hours. The waterproof safety vest has four lighting modes, including off/on, flash rapid, and flash slow. It is also thought to be user-friendly and provides outstanding comfort.

Key functions of 3Sixty LED Vest are

  • Flashing LEDs

  • USB Rechargeable Battery

  • Detachable Power Source

  • Detachable Power Source

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