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5 Tips To Make Your Dog Happy & Healthy!

We always want to keep our fluffy friend happy and healthy. The utmost pets like to have a routine, so they know what to anticipate from you. It's important to give them a good environment, and fulfill all their emotional and physical requirements.

Feeding Quality Food

Food is the most important thing that influences the quality of life for dogs. Feeding a quality food helps in development, growth and keep away diseases. It is essential to take good care in order to deliver a better life. Sometimes we do feed our pets the food we eat which might not be good for their health. We should be crystal clear for their need of the nutrition's.

Whether you buy your canine food or make it yourself, your canine needs a balanced diet to stay healthy. That includes a blend of

  • Proteins

  • Carbohydrate

  • Fats

  • Vitamins

  • Minerals

  • Water


Exercising keeps your canine healthy and limber while reducing behavioral problems similar to barking, biting , digging, and other anxiety- related behaviors. It also helps your canine make trust and confidence in you and in their terrain.

Regular exercise can do wonders for a doggy's mental health. First of all, it can drop their anxiety as they will be getting regular socialization with other dogs. Plus, just like us humans, dogs admit endorphins after exercise, allowing them to feel a natural high and happy. Eventually, if your doggy is less anxious, it's less likely to engage in tone-destructive conduct analogous to smelling your furniture and crying.


Dog crave attention and companionship, which are basic things any pet parent should provide

They want you to spend time with them and at that time they want all of your attention, so put down your phone when you're spending time with them. Some people go for walks and spend the utmost of their time on the phone and it makes our cute little playmate miserable.

Below are some tips to give your dog a healthy attention:

  • Rub their ears

  • Schedule daily play and training time

  • Spend some cuddle time

  • Praise good manner

  • Look into their eyes

  • Try to understand their body language


Grooming provides an opportunity to make a delightful bond with your dog. It helps keep his skin and coat healthy. It should be done at least once a week, but many dog owners fail to keep up with this routine task. It doesn’t only cover going over their coat with a brush, but also tending to their nails and trimming and a quick check up.

Grooming your dog is about more than his appearance. Yes, your dog looks best when he’s just been brushed or trimmed, but there are many other benefits to grooming your dog regularly

  • It makes them more cuddly

  • Trimmed nails help in their playtime

  • Maintaining healthy skin

  • Clean, working ears

Create Boundaries

Creating boundaries is just showing our dog what's right and what isn’t, because pets can be loved even when they misbehave. We often ignore their inferior behavior and consider it cute, and then their behavior becomes their habits which will annoy the owner in future.

Creating boundaries doesn't involve any kind of harsh punishment. Dogs are very quick-witted to understand our voice tone and body language, so if they misbehave then we can correct them at that particular time. If we will show them love anyway then it will be hard for them to separate giving and denying permission.

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