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Dog with Shiny Pet Harness
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At a campsite in a wooded area you don't want to lose sight of your dog

Day and Night summer camp
Dog At night
Dog Lost
Dog with out harness

During the winter our dog's loves to run around in the snow at night

Dog At Night
Shiny Pet

We want to sleep at night knowing our fury friend is safe. 1.2 million dogs are hit by cars every year. If my dog ends up in that number, I will not be able to sleep for a very long time.

Shiny Pet
Shiny Pet

When our dog's are on the streets our biggest fear is that drivers won't see them in time to stop.

I can see my dog at night when he's running towards me.
Shiny Pet
Shiny Pet

With our Pet Flashlight you will have the ability to see your dog at night from 360 degrees and up to 50 yards away.

walking dog at night 1.
dog and person in very little light.

This is the problem we solve with the Pet Flashlight

Shiny Cat

Your dog being seen by on coming traffic is very important right now. That's why people purchase our PET Flashlight so their dog can be seen.

Take a look at our Gleash (LED Doggy Leash) and Our Pet Flashlight (LED Doggy Vest or Collar). Take a tour of our products below.  

Blue Rechargeable LED Leashes
DCS LED logo

Doggy Led Harness

White LED Dog Leash

Dog wanting to be a Shiny Pet
Dog is happy that she's a Shiny Pet
Dog with Cat having  a Shiny Pet moment

Let DC's LEDs show you the difference between our Pet Flashlight and the neon ring that you have on your dog's neck. (Click the on the video below bottom right). 

Cat with Shiny Pet Harness

The Pet Flashlight has a very comfortable soft mesh material. It has been proven that LEDs are brighter and last longer than neon lights. The best part is that it's remote controlled and it doesn't need batteries.

Washington Enterprise is a company that provides LED's for Safety and Entertainment. We can also be found on Amazon, Ebay, Shopify and Esty.

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